A range of alternative power solutions are available

Options include diesel-driven generators, petrol-driven generators and electronic generator sets. It is, however, very important to keep in mind the local authorities’ regulations about storing fuel on private premises as well as the safety thereof for your family and employees before making a decision on which generator set to buy. A professional opinion will help you to determine you specific needs in terms of the size and type of generator set.

Petrol-driven generator sets are available in different sizes, according to different needs.  They are usually portable and the engine and alternator units are closed-coupled.

Diesel generator sets are available on open or enclosed bases and silenced, with manual operation or fitted with automatic mains failure panels.  Diesel generator sets are built for heavy-duty work and have a long life expectancy. They offer low fuel consumption, anti-vibration mountings and voltmeters.

Electronic generator sets are kept plugged into your 220-volt supply to keep it charged and taken out in case of a power failure. This is a very convenient form of alternative power, as it automatically recharges when the power supply is restored. Depending on the size of the generator set, it could supply electricity from three to nine hours.