The benefits of backup power are numerous

With all the problems we experience with power supply lately, it might be wise to invest in a form of alternative power backup.

Alternative power solutions at home could ensure your continued safety and comfort in the event of a power failure. This will keep criminals at bay by staying out of the dark, as light is a crime deterrent. >>click here for more info>>

With backup power at home you can:

  1. Avoid youngsters being traumatised by the dark

  2. Prevent elderly people from injuring themselves in the dark

  3. Ensure that your security gates and garage doors can be opened and closed >>click here for more info>>

  4. Ensure that your alarm continues to operate

  5. Keep security lights and electrified fencing operational

  6. Continue watching television, listening to music, doing homework and working on the computer

  7. Charge your flat cellphone battery for use in case of an emergency

Businesses could loose a lot of money during a blackout. Filling stations, supermarkets, trading stores, fast-food outlets, liquor stores, hardware stores and plant hire companies can all benefit from the purchase of a heavy-duty, long-life backup generator.

With backup power on your business premises you can:

  1. Light up your business so that you can continue to trade

  2. Make sure customers can pay for the goods they have purchased by being able to operate your cash register and process credit card transactions

  3. Ensure that customers do not leave without the goods they have come for and prevent the loss of perishable goods

  4. Avoid upsetting and losing customers who think the problem is your fault

  5. Avoid customer panic, hysteria and accidents

  6. Prevent crime and theft

  7. Make sure your burglar alarm and telephones continue working