Be prepared for the sake of your family’s safety

In case of a blackout, there are certain things that you can and should do:


It is best to make sure that all lights and appliances are switched off and, where applicable, unplugged. Not only will this avoid a cacophony of sound and light when the power returns, but it will also protect your appliances against possible power surges while supply is being restored. It is wise, though, to leave a single light switch in the “on” position to alert you when the power returns.

Refrain from opening the refrigerator door during a power cut, as this will allow the cold air to escape. By keeping the door closed, a power outage of up to four hours will not cause food to spoil in the fridge, while a freezer should keep frozen food safe for at least a day. It is a good idea to have snacks available that do not need refrigeration.


From a security point of view, ensure that all doors and windows are locked should your alarm system not have a backup power supply.


Given that, the usual evening entertainment, i.e. television, radio and computer games, will not be available without power supply, so be prepared to keep the family occupied with books and board games.

Things to do after the power cut

Once the power had been restored, do not switch on all your appliances at once, as the power supply might still be slightly unstable. Only switch on those you need immediately.

It is a good idea to switch appliances on and off systematically to make sure that no damage was caused by the power interruption, and that the equipment is in good working order.

Remember to reset electronic clocks, especially your bedside alarm, and other timers that could have been disturbed, such as the pool pump or sprinkler system.